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Management Discussion & Analysis

Overall operation results in the past

The company operates the business in designing, creating, manufacturing, combining and installing of engineering system relating to vehicle for commercial. The company also combines World-class technology about rail system, logistics, and defense industry, with professional management such as: catering hi-loaders truck, fire-fighting truck, rescue truck, beverage loading truck, trailer/semi-trailer, OPV project management, project of maintenance services and services center for Linfox’s truck, trailer/semi-trailer of Tesco-Lotus. The company manufactures of products as to the customers’ order (made to order) by design suitably for the work and budget in private sector and government sector within the country and oversea. The company has one subsidiary company who operates the business in designing, manufacturing, assembling, and installing of light-weighted fiber glass container for loading of fresh and dry cargo. In consideration of the company’s operation results during past three years, the company and its subsidiary reported of revenues from 2 business models which were revenues from contract at the portion of 80%-88% of total revenues, and revenues from sales and services at the portion of 12%-20% of total revenues.

In the year 2014-2016, the company and its subsidiary reported total revenues equal to 1,513.02 million baht, 1,142.63 million baht and1,058.24million baht respectively. In 2014-2016 The company reported the comprehensive profits equal to, 97.31 million baht 35.71 million baht, and (91.28) million baht respectively.

Financial status of company.


As at 31st December 2014-2016, the Company and its subsidiary reported total assets equal to 1,112.72 million baht, 1,619.38 million baht and 1,710.36 million baht respectively.

Sources of funds


As at 31st December 2014-2016, the Company and its subsidiary reported total liabilities equal to 476.47 million baht, 922.38 million baht and 1,029.36 million baht respectively.